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Name: Xion von Prufenpuden
Date of Birth: October 8, 2020
Weight: 69.2
Price: 175,000.00
Comment: You missed out on a great one! But, good news. We're making more. Just Ask.

It Finally Happened!A fully mature, super bred, super raised, super trained, super versatile, super happy, super fun, amazing, amazing Giant Schnauzer that is available now.  No waiting for us to do the work.  It is done and he’s ready to go to his forever home and provide unlimited joy and security to his lucky family.  How did it happen?  Xion was purchased as a puppy and left for advanced training though our Elite Super Dog program.  Master Trainer David Harris selected the best of the best puppy from an elite litter and no expense was spared in his two year development.  We have done it all and thought of it all.  We were given “Carte Blanche” to make the best of the best and we have done that.  Unfortunately for that family life got in the way and they we unable to take possession of Xion.  So, we took an additional six months to create the media needed to properly market him and added some new bells and whistle to this fully mature dog that younger dogs could not handle.

Now fortunately for your family this amazing dog is available for those that can not only appreciate the best, but can afford the best.  Xion is well documented so take a hard, close look at this amazing dog and give us a call if you want to be consider as the future owner of this once in a lifetime kind of dog.  Xion is the real deal.  Powerful, but sweet.  Smart and sassy, but compliant and willing to please.  Confident and independent, but cuddly and happy to snuggle.  Beautiful and sleek, but rugged and outdoorsy.  This beautiful boy has it all.  Now it’s up to you to make the next move and contact us and let us see if there is a love match to be made. Reach out to Master Trainer David Harris at Call/Text/Email and you’ll get a fast response. Email  We would love to hear from you.

Xion has many brothers and sisters in homes.  Referrals on request.  Use promo code “FreeDeliveryUSA” and have Xion delivered at no additional cost to your doorstep anywhere in the US of A with a trainer in tow to teach your family how to get the most out of this amazing animal.