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Name: Wynn von Prufenpuden
Date of Birth: March 19, 2021
Weight: 75.0
Price: 65,000.00
Comment: It's A Win With Wynn!

Big Bold Beautiful BoyHere is your chance to own a “Big Boy” gentle giant with a super attitude, amazing development and training.  He is definitely over-sized for a Prufenpuden Bloodline GSD, but many people like that size for the intimidation factor.The best part about Wynn is that he can walk the walk and is not just another big, pretty face.  Super solid nerves and temperment to get the job done.Home raised and professionally trained is the only way to go.  Well documented and showing the proof of his development from a wee puppy until now.

Special Note: Wynn is young and additional training is recommended, but not required with this boy.  Take him as is or very smartly invest in his continued development while locking in this amazing young dogs price now before it blows up (inflation is real). $3,500/month/paid by the month is the way to go.  Let us customize his training to be the perfect match for your home, family and lifestyle.

Contact Master Trainer David Harris now to request additional information about his wonderful dog and lets find out if this is the right fit for your needs. Call or text now for quick service.  +1.502.542.9747